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Anti Witchcraft Army Of Monks, Episode I.

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Pachabel Canon in D

This page is the begining of a sequel of pages that are all linked together. A total of 7 pages to be more exact. On these pages you will find yourself as well as all the confussion that is happening in the world. You might think what is happening. From my own perspective i will show you the reality of things and the only way to all this mess. I sometimes wonder what is happening with all the movie makers, are they under some sort of inffluence? well could be but if is a curse, i will show you how to break it. It will be fun, just follow the episodes. In the begining there was an army of monks who were aware of what was happening in the world. The decided to unite in forces and break away all possible evil that was working in the world. They decided to make a sequel of pages in order to awaken the world to the reality with simple instructions and prayers to vanquish all possible curse or evil. The total of pages is 7. First they decided to illustrate what the media was pushing into our homes and eventually into our minds and the minds of our kids. Then thru brainstorming and research how to come with an antidote or vaccine. They realized that what was comming was not good since the behavior of man was changing to worse thru this information that was inputed thru the media. So they said if we don't do it who will. Here is the begining of your Journey. We Call it: Army Of Monks, Anti Witchcraft Page Episode I, Page of the new begining to awaken from a curse.

Witches, Wizards, and the Word of God!

What Does the Bible Say About Witchcraft And Its Practices ?

Wicca Witchcraft

The army of monks soon decided that their research was good. It was proven that the effect was making harm to mankind so they recommended the use of these empowerment prayers along with a shield which was proven to be effective against all evil.
Shield or canopy will be revealed in the next sequence of episode I.



Enough is enough... Antidote...

Catholic Prayers in Latin

Catholic Prayer of Exorcism

Empowerment Prayers

The Vaccine will be at the last of the Episode. Please wait...




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